Scott Hicks


Scott is the founder of Megalodon. He was a long time student of the renowned Arjan Priteung Tongpakwan (Bangkok, Thailand). Scott has trained many state, regional, national and world champions. His fighters have dominated in both amateur and professional divisions, fighting around the world in countries such as, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. Some of Hicks’ most notable events took place in Thailand’s famed Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Stadiums. In addition to Muay Thai, Hicks trained extensively in Muay Lanna and Faan Daap. He was the only non-Thai student of Arjan Manohp Yarana and Arjan Mohngkhohn Siangcharee that was promoted to Arjan status in Chaing Mai, Thailand. He became one of only a few Muay Boran/Muay Chaad Chuek trainers in the USA. Sit Quan Tong Muay Thai Association was established by Hicks to preserve the authenticity of Muay Thai and to ensure present/future Muay Thai practitioners engage in genuine training.

Casey Baynes


Casey is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Romero “Jacare” Calvacante, head instructor of the World Champion “Alliance” team. Casey is a certified Police Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) Defensive Tactics instructor and a co-author of “Locks and Levers”- a P.O.S.T certified lesson plan for law enforcement.  Casey has been in law enforcement for over 16 years and currently serves as an instructor at the Georgia Public Safety Commission facility in Forsyth.  He has training in several forms of martial arts.  He is a graduate of Georgia College and State University with a major in Health and Physical Education.

Johnny Myung


Johnny  is a black  belt in BJJ and former high school wrestler. Johnny has over 17 top 3 finishes at competitions, numerous NAGA and Newbreed 1st place finishes and has been competing since 2008. Besides training BJJ, he has also run in various races including the Georgia Marathon and a few Tough Mudder races. Johnny teaches the wrestling portion of the BJJ classes.



Bart Mingledorff


Bart is a purple belt in BJJ.  He is a coach for the kid's program.  He has completed and placed in many BJJ tournaments.









Kati Baynes



Kati is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu blue belt.  Kati has trained in jiu-jitsu since she was approximately 8 years old.  She competes in numerous jiu-jitsu tournaments.  Kati volunteers part of her time assisting to teach defense tactics to police officers. 






Nicolas Ayala-Toro



Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Nicolas has been studying martial arts from an early age beginning with Kyodai Ryu Karate. After moving to the US in 1997, he studied under Menkyo Kaiden Dr. Karl Friday of the Kashima Shinryu tradition of swordsmanship to the rank of Shoden. Nicolas began to study Capoeira in 2013 under Grão Mestre Fran, founder of Grupo Maculelê Capoeira. Grão Mestre Fran granted him permission to teach Capoeira in the Athens area for the last two years.


Don Scozzari









Grant Seman



Come try a class for just a $20 mat fee.  If you sign a contract within 30 days, the mat fees will be credited back to your first month.

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